How to Use a Fence Paint Sprayer

What You'll Need
Drop cloth
Plastic sheeting
Correct spray tip
Fence paint sprayer

When you are ready to paint a fence, a paint sprayer will prove to be very handy since you can fill it with your chosen fence paint and move quickly through the task. Keep in mind that paint sprayers are found in a wide choice of sizes. Make sure that when you go to buy or rent the sprayer, you choose the one that you can handle the best.

Step 1 – Preparing the Painting Job

Before you start painting your fence with the sprayer, remember to remove any outdoor furniture and all other objects that are in contact or close to the fence. You don't want nearby objects to end up with a dusting of paint. Cover the ground of your fenced area with drop cloths to protect it from any paint that may fall when you are working.

Step 2 – Plugging the Fence Paint Sprayer

Connect your sprayer to electric power. In case you notice that the paint sprayer’s cord is short, read the directions of the sprayer to know how to add an extension to the cord.

If you do not find any directions about your fence paint sprayer, return to the shop where you purchased or hired it from, and ask there for help, i.e., the appropriate length of the extension cord and its correct gauge.

Step 3 – Flushing the Fence Paint Sprayer

Read again the directions and check how you are supposed to flush the fence paint sprayer. Keep in mind that these flushing techniques vary from one model to another. You are told to flush it either with solvent or water.

Step 4 – Checking the Hoses and Fittings

Inspect the paint sprayer thoroughly to see whether you notice any leaks. In case you find a leak, disconnect the sprayer from the electrical outlet and fasten the fittings more tightly. You should never utilize a leaking fence paint sprayer.

Step 5 – Preparing the Paint

Strain the paint with a strainer over an empty bucket. Read the directions to see whether you must add some thinner or not.

If you have a large sprayer, you need to put the pick-up hose into the bucket where you put the paint. On the other hand, you need to pour the paint into the sprayer’s reservoir if you are using a handheld model.

Step 6 – Spraying the Paint

Connect the appropriate spray tip to your fence paint sprayer. Never stop moving your hand when you are spraying the paint onto the fence. Remember to start from the upper part of the fence and then keep spraying until you reach the bottom. Make sure that the sprayer is not too close to the fence; it must be approximately 12 to 18 inches away.

Step 7 – Cleaning the Fence Paint Sprayer

After you finish using the sprayer, do not forget to clean it even if you intend to utilize it again the following day. Clean it with solvent or water; fill it with thinner and leave it there. You must also clean the sprayer’s filters on a daily basis as well.