How to Use a Floor Grinder Properly

A floor grinder is a device that is used for smoothing out, cleaning and generally maintaining a floor that is made from concrete. They do a similar job to the sandpapers used in tools for maintaining floors composed from other materials.  A concrete floor grinder is about the size of a vacuum cleaner but they are usually powered  by propane or gas, thus not requiring any electrical outlet. Some grinders are used for wet jobs in which case they have two gallon tanks built into them. The vast majority of models also have a dust collector and vacuum built in. Other grinders have extra features to make them easier to use for edging jobs and sometimes even concrete walls as well. If you need t remove a certain level of thickness from a concrete floor, a floor grinder is what you need.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Floor grinder
  • Concrete floor

Step 1 – Obtain the Right Grinder for the Job

A concrete floor grinder can be very expensive to buy and most people are likely to only ever need it once. Because of this, it is best to rent the tool if you are planning to do the job yourself. Rent one which is appropriate for the job that you need it to do. Many residential uses require a grinder to create a rustic texture to stone or concrete floors.

Step 2 – Preparing for Use

Learning how to use a floor grinder is not particularly difficult but there is a certain method that you should get into. Be aware of safety issues as well. Floor grinders can be quite heavy and large and difficult to handle physically. You should have appropriate safety wear including ear and eye protection and heavy-work gloves. Also, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for more specific information for the model that you are using.

Step 3 – Floor Grinder Settings

Before you start using the floor grinder, push down the handle allowing the pressure to be released from the grinder surface. The grinding disc should still be touching the surface, however. This lets the motor to reach its normal operating speed faster and more safely without risking damage to the device. There are also two settings for floor grinders that you will need to take note of. These wheel settings are meant for either transporting the device or grinding itself. The wheels need to be in the rear location before starting.

Step 4 – Using the Floor Grinder

Turn on the grinder and wait for the motor to start running at its optimal operating speed. When it has reached this speed, simply tilt the grinder forward so that the disc is fully onto the surface. Move the grinder from side to side while working on the surface as otherwise you can end up with twirling marks. When you have finished using the machine, turn it off, let the motor stop entirely, and then get rid of any debris that be stuck to the grinding surface. Use a hammer to knock them away if required.