How to Use a Jointer Planer

A man uses a jointer planer.
What You'll Need
Jointer planer
Push block
Safety goggles / gloves

A jointer planer or a surface planer is a very useful machine employed in woodworking. It is usually used to flatten a wooden board’s surface along its length. After wooden boards are cut with a saw, the rough edges can be planed using this piece of equipment. A jointer planer can also be used to narrow down boards to fit into a certain area or space. When you are making window jambs or doors, this tool can be used to ensure that the wooden pieces create a 90-degree angle.

Step 1 - Check the Jointer Planer for Safety

Wear safety gear such as goggles and gloves when working with machines that pose danger. Before using the jointer planer, make sure that the cutting guard on the machine is in position. Do this safety precaution every time you make use of the machine. Check the sharpness of the knives as well. They should be adjusted properly in order to avoid excessive or uneven cutting.

Step 2 - Ensure the Perpendicularity of the Table and the Fence

Use a square to make sure that the fence is at a 90-degree angle with the table. Always check the angle to ensure that the planer cuts at the correct angle. The in-feed table can be set to different cutting depths as needed. The usual cutting depth for hardwood is 1/32 inch. For softwood, it should be adjusted to 1/16 inch.

Step 3 - Power up the Machine

Start the jointer planer and allow it to power up a bit. It should take some time before the blades attain their normal speed. Give it time to attain its maximum speed before feeding it with lumber

Step 4 - Plane the Wood

Stay to the right of the cutter head knives when you plane the wood. Place the wood on the machine and hold it firmly against the fence. It is safe to use a push block to keep your hands at a safe distance from the sharp blades. Use the left hand to hold the wood firmly against the fence, while the right hand pushes the wood as the blades cut through the grains. After the jointer planer finishes cutting through the whole length of the wood, repeat the process several times. The machine only cuts a small amount of the wood so do it several times until the desired result is achieved

Step 5 - Turn the Machine Off

Cut as many wooden boards or blocks as you wish. Just remember that when the task is finished, you need to turn the machine off. Make sure you watch it stop completely before leaving it.

You can make use of the joint planer for many different types of woodworking projects. Bookshelves, cabinets, doors, windows, and lockers require the use of wood with smooth and even edges. Take full advantage of the joint planer for every woodworking application.