How to Use a Landscape Rake

A landscape rake is a type of plow that connects to a tractor and creates shallow grooves in the soil as it is pulled along. To use one effectively, you will need to understand how the hydraulic system of the tractor affects the landscape rake, how to set the different cutting angles, and it helps smooth the soil as you go.

Rake Hydraulics

The hydraulic system on the tractor is used to adjust the basic landscape rake depth control. If the tractor is not equipped with an adjustable depth stop, use a small clamp or bolt to create your own. This allows you to lift the rake and then return to the same depth without effort.

Rake Angle

A tractor landscape rake has adjustments that change the angle of the teeth as they dig into the soil. The sharper the angle, the more severe the groove depth will be. To loosen topsoil, keep the teeth at a very shallow angle, so that they rake across the top rather than plowing into the soil.

Automatic Smoothing

Behind the rake tractor, attach a section of chain link fence. Dragging it smoothes out the soil again, as the rake disturbs the soil beneath it. If necessary, add weight to the fence.