How to Use a Larger Gas Tank with an Outdoor Grill

What You'll Need
Gas grill
Converter hose
Large gas tank

It is easy to add a larger gas tank with an outdoor grill because it simply requires a hose attachment. Gas grills are generally powered by either propane (LP) or natural gas (NG), but both types of grills can support larger gas tanks. Cost is also a factor to keep in mind, however, as propane costs much more than natural gas. It is important to use the converter hose properly--it is not meant to connect a natural gas tank to a propane grill. As long as the hose is connected securely and the free-standing gas tank is stable, there should be no problem using the grill with a larger tank.

Step 1 - Finding the Right Converter Hose

There are many different sizes of converter hose available, depending upon what kind of grill you are using. The manufacturer of your grill may offer a converter hose or there may be a generic kind that works with your gas grill. A good place to check is at a home repair store. This hose will fit into the tiny bottle spot on the grill, where a gas tank would normally plug in, to the top of a free-standing gas tank.

Step 2 - Connecting to the Gas Tank

Take your pliers and disconnect your old gas tank. Put the old gas tank aside, making sure not to allow any gas to spill. Attach the converter hose to the grill where the old gas tank previously screwed on. Attach the other end of the hose to the larger gas tank. Make sure both ends are secure.

Step 3 - Use Your Grill

If your larger gas tank is securely connected to the converter hose and the converter hose is securely connected to the grill, you should be all set. Turn on your grill and get ready for some barbecue.

Natural Gas vs. Propane Costs

An additional item to consider is what kind of gas your grill uses. A propane gas grill costs almost 7times more to operate than a natural gas grill. A refill tank for a standard-sized propane tank costs about $18. This is about $4.19 per therm. Natural gas prices change depending on time, but the same amount of natural cas costs about $2.58 for the same amount, or $0.60 per therm. That is a savings of $15.42. 

Correctly Using a Converter Hose

It is not possible to simply connect a natural gas tank to a propane-fueled grill. If you attempt to use a converter hose to connect a natural gas tank to a propane-fueled grill you will most likely ruin your grill and may even cause a fire or explosion. However, the amount of propane in a gas tank, when connected to a propane-fueled grill, will not affect your grill is used with a converter hose. By using a larger gas tank with an outdoor grill your grill will work for longer without needing to refill your gas tank. This will save you a headache later, especially if you are attempting to use a very small grill that normally connects to a small gas tank. The larger gas tank will ensure that many meals are cooked on your grill before a need to refill, instead of just a couple of meals.