How to Use a Laser Plumb Bob

Using a laser plumb bob to determine angles and straight lines is fairly straight forward. The laser plumb bob has several advantages over its string based cousin. To use one effectively, you will need:

  • A laser plumb bob
  • A tripod (in some instances)

Step 1 - Work Area

Ensure the work area is as clear as possible, especially the area where you want to determine a straight line.

Step 2 - Positioning

Position the laser plumb bob where you need it and switch it on. Use a tripod if you can to ensure the laser plumb bob cannot move. Use the laser to adjust the position of the laser plumb bob.

Step 3 - Make Necessary Markings

Mark the line that the laser plumb bob shows.

Step 4 - Take Care of Materials

Switch off the laser plumb bob and pack it away carefully. If you have set up a tripod, take it down and pack it away too. Both pieces of equipment have their delicate points, and a building site is not the safest place for this type of equipment. A laser plumb bob will determine a straight line much faster than the traditional string based bob, Many laser plumb bobs are accurate within 0.2 mm. They are very precise devices and provide a very accurate guide.