How to Use a Leaf Net Cover on Your Pool

What You'll Need
Leaf net pool cover
Leaf rake

A leaf net cover is a very important thing which helps you to keep the swimming pool water clean when it is not used for a long time. The leaf net cover can be used for both above ground pools and in-ground pools. It is often quite troublesome to clean the pool using a leaf rake, every time, before you want to plunge in it. Dry leaves from surrounding trees and sometimes seeds and broken twigs are also very common on the surface of the pool. Quit often heavier particles like seeds get drowned and reach the bottom of the pool. These are very difficult to clean and to save you from a situation like this a leaf net cover is very useful. The leaf net cover is also not very expensive and it can be used very easily.

Step 1: Purchasing the Correct One

Leaf net pool covers come in different size and shape. First you must measure the dimension of your swimming pool and then buy the proper leaf net pool cover for your swimming pool. If it's smaller than the size of your pool then it would not fit and one which is too small will always leave a gap on the edge of the swimming pool. So you must purchase the one which fits perfectly.

Step 2: Preparation

It is better not to have the water level up to the edge of the swimming pool. This makes the water and the leaf net cover separated by a gap. This is important, otherwise any dust or any kind of dirt which might be on the cover can get in to the water and pollute it. Before putting on the cover you can also use any chemical or other products on the water for keeping it free from germs. In case there are any leaves or some other floating objects on the water, use the leaf rake to pick them up and keep the water clean before using the cover.

Step 3: Using the Cover

First you must lay the cover evenly on the surface of the pool. In the case of an above ground pool put the cover on and let a little portion hang throughout the perimeter of the pool. The leaf net pool cover comes with a cable or tubes through a seam so that it can be secured in place. Some leaf net pool covers comes with added hardware for keeping the cover in place. Position the hardware first and then fix it to secure the pool cover. A major problem is wind which might displace the cover. So you must take the necessary precaution and you can add a layer of water, about 1 inch deep, over the leaf net cover after positioning it over the swimming pool. This makes the cover more stable and lowers the possibility of it getting displaced by the wind.

Step 4: Removal

For removing the leaf net cover just pull it out carefully and make sure the objects that got deposited on its surface do not fall into the swimming pool.