Common Magnetic Water Softener Questions

A magnetic water softener.

The claims of magnetic water softeners are controversial at best. Many claims are made by independent distributors about the benefits of water purification. By using magnets to help with water softening distributors claim you can remove all lime deposits, soften water, get plants to grow more robustly, and even prevent some diseases.

What is Magnetic Water Softening?

The use of magnetic attraction to soften water is actually a process that ionizes the mineral products that are common in water that comes through sedimentary rock. Magnetic water softeners use a magnetic encasement to crystallize the minerals.

Is Magnetic Water Softening Safe?

The important thing to remember about magnetic water softeners is that they don't get rid of the minerals that cause hard water. They suspend them in a crystal form so they don't attach themselves to pipes or appliances.

Drinking the treated water still has the minerals in the water, they are in a state where they don't build up on pipes. It is also claimed that because of this encapsulation of the minerals, like lime, digestion is enhanced so that the toxins are more easily removed from the body.

Magnetic water softeners can help you soften your water, and keep your pipes free of mineral deposits.