How to Use a Metal Lath in Stucco

What You'll Need
Plywood sheathing
Building paper
2 inch nails
Staple gun and staples
Metal lath

Metal lath is used in stucco installation to add support to the process. Stucco is hard to get to stick to a surface without something else in place. Using a metal lath is the most popular and cost effective solution to this.

Step 1 - Sheathing

Stucco is going to require a base as well as the metal lath. You can use a standard plywood sheathing since it won't be seen once the stucco is applied. Attach the plywood to the exterior surface using brackets and bolts.

Step 2 - Paper the Sheathing

Once the sheathing is in place you want to use building paper over it. This will create a waterproof area to work with. The paper should overlay at the seams by at least two inches to prevent moisture from bleeding through. You can use a staple gun to attach the paper.

Step 3 - Install the Lath

With the sheathing in place and papered you can work on the lath. Use two inch nails to attach the mesh to the sheathing layer. The mesh needs to be overlapped at the seams just as the paper was. You also want to nail in the lath every 16 inches, both horizontally and vertically to create more support.

Step 4 - Apply the Stucco

Now you can begin to apply the stucco.