How to Use a Monkey Wrench

What You'll Need
One Monkey Wrench (Adjustable Spanner)
One large nut

A monkey wrench is basically a wrench which is adjustable. It has an ‘F’ shape appearance, and the top part remains at a fixed position, while the bottom part can be maneuvered up and down using a screw mechanism. It looks a little, in appearance, like an ‘F’ Clamp.

Step 1 – The Nut

Locate a nut or bold head that requires tightening. This can be any type of nut for experimental purposes, or you may have a specific project in mind to use it on. Open the monkey wrench using the turning screw mechanism and allow plenty space for it to sit around the nuts head.

Step 2 – Applying Pressure

Slip the wrench jaws over the nut and place them against the flat edges of the nut. Then, screw the turning screw into place to tighten down on the head of the nut. Apply enough pressure that the monkey wrench jaws are clamped securely enough to turn it without them slipping off.

Step 3 – Tightening

If you are tightening the nut, turn it securely in a clockwise direction, keeping the wrench moving slowly but smoothly. Turn until the bolt head or nut has reached its limit.