How to Use a Motorcycle Rear Wheel Stand

What You'll Need
Rear wheel stand
What You'll Need
Rear wheel stand

If you own a motorcycle, the very first thing that you need to learn is how to use the motorcycle rear wheel stand. It is just unreliable for you to just use your kickstands when doing repairs on your motorcycle. Using rear stands will allow you to do a lot more with your bike without being worried that the thing is going to fall on top of you. At the same time, there are a few things you can do with your motorcycle that is more convenient using rear stands. Take for example, replacing the side covers of your bike. Oil will flood all over you if you only stick with using your kickstand. On the other hand, if you use a rear stand, you’ll only have to deal with a very few drops of oil. The great thing with using stands is that it’s not at all difficult to utilize them.

Step 1 – Install the Rear

Installing the rear stand should always be given the first priority. This is to prevent your bike from falling over. The mechanism of a rear stand is that it supports the bike using the swingarm. There are a number of ways in doing so. Among the many, the most common is by using the little spools that are used in the 2 sides of the swingarm. If your motorcycle has these spools, you can easily place the rear stand below these spools to lift the motorcycle up. If your motorcycle does not have those spools, you can directly place the rear stand below the swingarm.

Step 2 – Place the Rear Stand

To secure the rear stand on the motorcycle, simply support the bike vertically. Once you have done that, place the stand on the back of the bike so that the spools or the underside of the swingarm are on top of the stand.

Step 3 – Lift the Rear Stand

When you have positioned the rear stand appropriately, press the rear stand handle down in order to lift your motorcycle. Make sure that the handle is pressed to the ground to ensure maximum support. When you have done so, you may then be able to remove the wheel or work on your bike the way you need to.

Step 4 – Use a Front Stand

When you have secured the rear stand, you can proceed to installing the front stands of your bike. You should be able to lift your motorcycle using the steering head or the bottom of the forks.

Step 5 – Move the Motorcycle

Although you can definitely move your motorcycle while it is still on the rear stand, you have to be completely careful with doing so. Simply remove the rear stand to move your bike without any worry.

Step 6 – Remove the Stand

When you are done using the stand, simply lift up the handle of the rear stand and support your motorcycle while you remove the stand from under the swing arms.