How to Use a Mower Blade Sharpener How to Use a Mower Blade Sharpener

What You'll Need
Lawnmower manual
Lawnmower blade sharpener
Medium grade metal file
Bench vice

A lawn mower needs a lawn mower blade sharpener to keep it working in tip top condition. As with all blades, over time after the edges become blunt and work inefficiently, a blunt mower causes the grass to tear leaving it open to damage and diseases. A blade sharpener can help solve this problem.

Step 1 - Preparation

Cover your work floor area with newspaper or covering to collect any debris that falls during the sharpening process. Blades can be sharp and dangerous so ensure you are wearing goggles to protect your eyes and a pair of hardy leather gloves to protect your hands from the sharp instruments. Drain any gas within your mower and remove the spark plug, the slightest drop of oil left in the motor could potentially switch on the blades if the spark plug is still intact which could be very dangerous. Place the mower on its side. Use a block of wood to insert between the mower deck and blade in order to prevent the blade from turning. Remember to remove any dirt or grass that may be stuck in the blades and mower deck before you begin work using a scraper.

Step 2 - Remove the Mower Blade

This is the hardest step and needs to be handled with care. The blade nut and bold can be difficult to remove and so may need to be doused with penetrating oil before you remove them using your wrench. Place your blades in a bench vise to keep it secure.

Step 3 - Begin Sharpening

Look in the mower manual to see what the correct angle for the blades in your mower should be, this is the angle at which you should begin sharpening. You should move the blade back and forth over the grinder in even regular movements at the appropriate angle. Be careful not to force the blade into the grinder as this will cause the blade to heat up which could cause it to lose its strength. You should aim to remove most of the cuts in the blade although you do not need to remove all, if it is severely damaged it may need replacing.

Step 4 - Check Blades

If you own a blade or wall-mounted balancer you should use it to help measure whether your blades have been evenly sharpened or not. A blade that has been unevenly sharpened or bent can cause damage to your lawn mower, to correct a slightly bent blade shave more from the heavy end of the blade. Alternatively, try balancing the blade on the handle of a screwdriver, if one side tilts up simply sharpen the other side until the blade lies flat.

Step 5 - Balancing and Reassembly

Once the blades are balanced you can use a flat medium metal file to remove any jagged edges. Your mower can now be reassembled, but remember to be careful of the freshly sharpened blades.

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