How to Use a Netbook as a Car Computer

What You'll Need
DC car charger
Netbook car mount
Stereo deck that is auxiliary capable
3.5 mm auxiliary cable
Computer-based software and receiver for GPS

Netbooks are one of the latest gadgets that have many uses and one of them is as a car computer. Because of the various designs and features that are now normal for netbook brands and models and for their high level of portability, the netbook is frequently carried around everywhere. This is further facilitated with the small size of the device. Since a person on the go usually rides a vehicle to get from one point to another, the need to use the device while in a car became a necessity. Features such as GPS and MP3 capability make the personal computer ideal for a vehicle. It would allow you to enjoy non-stop music that is stored in your computer.

Step 1 - Get Your Netbook

Buy the netbook that you like from any reputable online or traditional store. You need to consider some essential features such as RAM capability and processor speed. This is especially true if you want to save music on your computer.

Step 2 - Install the Car Mount for Your Netbook

A car mount can easily be found on online retailers but if your neighborhood store has it, you can purchase it from them. The mount can easily be installed on your vehicle. Follow the instruction of the manufacturer to fix it inside your car. You can then install the netbook in it.

Step 3 - Power Your Unit

To power your unit, you may use a DC power adapter. This is just a plug-and-go assembly so you do not need to have any tools. Find the plug for the adapter on your unit and connect the DC power adapter to it.

Step 4 - Connect the Netbook with the Car Stereo

To make a connection between your netbook and your car stereo, you need to make use of the 3.5 mm auxiliary cable which is the standard size for it. Connect your netbook with the AUX plug found in the receiver of your car stereo.

Step 5 - Install the GPS System

To make the netbook setup in your vehicle have ground positioning system or GPS capability, you need to install a GPS software and receiver. There are programs that can readily be downloaded from the Internet like Microsoft Streets and Trips so this task should not be difficult for you.

Step 6 - Test the System

To ensure that you did not make a mistake in the setup and that your downloaded GPS software and receiver is working properly, test your netbook setup for sound and other functionalities. If everything works fine, you can start enjoying your car computer. As a safety precaution, it is advised not to operate your netbook car computer while you are driving on the road. Aside from being a potential cause of accident, the act is also a violation of various local and state regulations. It would also be prudent if you could check with local authorities first before installing the setup. This is to ensure that such is not prohibited in your locality.