How to Use a Pallet Jack How to Use a Pallet Jack

A pallet jack is an essential tool used to transport large heavy items stacked on a pallet. Most commonly found in warehouses and manufacturing companies, they are occasionally used by homeowners for large projects. It is important to know how to safely use the pallet jack in order to avoid serious injury.

Inspect the Pallet Jack

You should inspect the pallet jack prior to use for any damage. A damaged pallet jack cannot properly function and only increases the probability of your becoming injured. The handle, wheels and lift should be inspected closely and tested to ensure proper working order. You should also understand the load limit for the pallet jack you are using and not try to exceed it. This can cause damage, which potentially could lead to injury.

Using the Pallet Jack

You use the pallet jack by inserting it into a wooden pallet, which holds the material that you are moving. You want to make sure that prongs on the pallet jack are centered before you engage the lift. It is possible that the material shifted when delivered so check to make sure that the pallet does not move when you are hoisting the material. Lift the materials slowly and be watchful for any movement or shifts on the pallet, which could indicate an unbalanced load or a potential hazard.

Moving Material with the Pallet Jack

Pull the material to the area you want to unload. Take your time and if you are moving up or down an incline, use a pallet jack with a break. It is difficult for an average-sized person to stop a moving pallet jack at full momentum once it breaks loose. Taking your time ensures the safe delivery of your material.

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