How to Use a Paving Knife

Weeds growing up through the cracks in pavers
What You'll Need
Stone pavers
Brick pathway
Block paving knife

A block paving knife is a tool used to remove weeds from between paver bricks and stones. This includes those in driveways and walkways to a home. The tool, which is about 10 to 11 inches in length has an edged, L-shape blade that is connected to a wooden handle. The blade itself is about four to five inches long.

Using a block paving knife requires a yard that has a stone or brick pathway that is overcome with weeds that need cut away. The cost of the tool is around $15 to $25 and can be easily purchased online or through a lawn and garden store that sells garden tools.

Step 1 - Purchase a Block Paving Knife

In order to use a block paving knife you need to purchase a block paving knife. Go to an online retailer that sells this tool or a home improvement center's gardening section. Here you should find different brands of block paving knives for use in your weeding project. Select the tool that has the right feel for your hand and is the easiest to use. Remember the block paving knife is a sharp tool so keep it covered and the blade side away from your body.

Step 2 - Use the Block Paving Knife

paver knife scraping weeds

Take the block paving knife and use it as an edging tool to remove weeds and other growth from in between stone and brick. The design of the knife allows you to slide it into crevices between paver stones and bricks in order to remove weeds cleanly. You can use the tool with a swinging motion between the bricks or sawing motion in order to cut away the weed growth from in-between.

Step 3 - Keep the Tool Clean

After using the block paving knife wash it off with water in order to remove and dirt and debris buildup from your weeding job. Keep the blade dry and away from excessive moisture that may cause the blade to become rusty. You can store the block paving knife in an outside tool storage unit or garage where you keep other outdoor and lawn care tools.

Once you get a block paving tool in your hand and spend some time practicing with it, you will get a feel for how to use it and how the tool can be used to eliminate weed growth from between brick and stone pavers in your yard. Periodically, about once or twice a month, you should take the tool out of storage and use it to eliminate any weeds that may grow back, such as dandelion flowers. If you can, apply an herbicide between the paver bricks once the weeds have been removed with the block paving knife. This will eliminate the problems of weeds growing back long-term.