How to Use a Plastic Pipe Cutter

What You'll Need
Plastic pipe
Plastic pipe cutter

If you’re cutting plastic or PVC pipe, the simplest way is to use a plastic pipe cutter. It’s a tool that will operate much more efficiently and speedily than trying to cut plastic pipe with a saw.

Step 1 - Measuring

Measure the length of plastic pipe you want to cut. Mark the length clearly in pencil on the pipe so you see it easily.

Step 2 - Cutting

Open the jaws of the plastic pipe cutter wide and then slowly close them around the plastic pipe on the line you’ve made. Make certain that the blade is exactly on the line. Clamp the jaws. You’ll find that they hold the pipe firmly, like a clamp.

The actually cutting isn’t done by force, but by using the ratchet that’s part of the plastic pipe cutter. As you move it, it will begin to cut through the pipe. Keep going until the blade has slices all the way through the pipe and the jaws of the plastic pipe cutter are closed.

Step 3 - Finish

To finish, use sandpaper on the edge and interior of the pipe. This will remove any small pieces of plastic that remain from the cut and give a smooth finish to the edge.