How to Use a Plumb Line Easily How to Use a Plumb Line Easily

What You'll Need
A-frame ladder

A plumb line is a simple tool that will make it easier to ensure that you fit building components in a straight line. To ensure that your project is completed properly, it is essential to know how to efficiently use the plumb line.

Step 1 – Secure

Make sure that the pin you use to secure the plumb line to the ceiling is large enough to handle the quantity of string. If you have another type of adhesive or fastener that can bear the weight, this can also be used.   

Step 2 – Marking Line

By covering the plumb line in chalk, you will be able to leave a guide line on the wall that it is aligned with. Sharply push the top of the line back against the wall to dislodge the chalk. This step will only provide any benefit if the chalk is a different color to the wall.  

Step 3 – Technique  

Carefully hang the plumb line after covering it in chalk, measuring the correct distance to find the point to place it. Ensure there are no obstructions to hinder the line and allow the weight to fall to the floor.

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