How to Use a Pneumatic Roofing Nailer

What You'll Need
Pneumatic roofing nailer
Roof nails

If you are planning to use a power tool to nail slates on your roof, then you should consider the pneumatic roofing nailer your friend. This roofing nailer uses compressed air to force the nail into the slate and can be a very handy tool.

Step 1 - Prepare the Nailer

Before you can begin to use your nailer on the roof, you will have to perform a quick maintenance check of the machine to make sure that it is working properly and that there are no jams from previous uses. Make sure that you have enough oil in your feed line to power the nailer when you are on the roof.

Step 2 - Adjust the Compressor

When you are ready to go on the roof, make sure that you adjust the dial on the compressor so that you get a good flow of air through the unit. Give the pneumatic roofing nailer a few squeezes to make sure that it is powerful enough.

Step 3 - Nailing

On the roof, place the muzzle of your pneumatic roofing nailer onto the surface of your shingle, and fire downwards. Make sure that your fingers are not trapped beneath.