How to Use a Pneumatic Stapler

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
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What You'll Need
Pneumatic Stapler
Compressed Air Cylinder

A pneumatic stapler is a tool that is used to press heavy-duty staples into wood or metal. You can use the pneumatic stapler to drive in only a few staples or use it to push in several rows. The staples can be used in a range of hobbies, from home improvement to upholstery. Most types of pneumatic staplers use a cylinder of compressed air to drive the staples into the material.

Step 1 - Preparing the Tool

Start by adding the compressed air cylinder to the pneumatic stapler. Push the hose of this into the connection at the side of the stapler, and then operate the arms several times to get the stapler working. Push out two or three staples before applying it to the material.

Step 2 - Using the Tool

When the pneumatic stapler is working well, take the pieces of material which you wish to hold together, and press them tightly between your thumb and fingers. Push the jaws of the stapler over the edge of the material so that they are in contact with both sides. Press the trigger or the arms so that the jaws close, and a staple is delivered. You should then release the stapler's jaws, and move to the next part of the material.