How to Use a Power Auger

When you have several post holes to dig, a power auger can help you make this task a lot easier. Looking down a string of holes that you need to dig for a fence, or a large deck, can be a daunting task. However, when you have a power auger ready to do most of the work for you, you can get done in half the time.

A power auger does take a strong back to handle. When you do run a power auger, you should try to recruit someone to help you maneuver it around and dig the holes. You need to have a strong back, and legs, to run the power auger.

What You Will Need

•Power Auger
•Posthole digger
•Second helper

Step One - Dig Safe

Before digging any holes in the ground it is always wise to call the local utility company. You might have to wait for them to come survey your ground, but it is well worth it. Digging into a power line, water main, or sewage drain is not something you want to do. You can either cause yourself serious injury, or a serious mess. Take the extra time to wait for the local utility company to show you where the lines are.

Always allow a few feet in case of error. Before plunging the power auger into the ground, test the ground with a spade tipped shovel or a posthole digger. This will ensure that you are not going to disturb anything that is buried that you do not know about.

Step Two - Assemble Power Auger

It is best to take all the pieces of the power auger out to the work site before assembling it. Once the auger is put together it will become heavy and cumbersome. Attach the auger tip with the supplied locking pins. Attach the handles and then add the gasoline mix.

Step Three - Raise Power Auger into Position

With the help of a friend, raise the power auger into position. Place it in the center of the area you are going to drill the post hole.

Step Four - Drill Post Hole

With a very firm grip on the handles of the power auger, start the engine and push the auger release. This will start the auger bit spinning. Gently lower it until it begins to dig into the ground. It will want to try and twist, so keeping a firm grip on it will keep the auger from spinning out of your hand. Do not force it into the ground as you might hit rocks. Rather, let the auger pull it into the ground.

Step Five - Resting

If you need to take a rest while you are in the middle of a hole, then let the turn the auger off and let it set in the hole.

Step Six - Shut off Between Holes

As you continue working and digging the remaining holes, make sure you turn off the power auger before you lift it out of the hole. This will keep you safe from any accidents while the bit is still moving.