How to Use a Pump Oil Extractor

A pump oil extractor is important in cleaning out any dirt or grime in the engine of your car, truck or a boat. Generally, the dirt can affect the efficiency of your vehicle. Most vehicles have an oil drain in their engines and over time the drain can be clogged up by the stubborn oil that adhered on the drain. While it is difficult to remove the oil in your vehicle’s oil drain manually, the task can be simplified with a pump oil extractor. A pump oil extractor is a device that sucks out the oil that is stuck to your vehicle’s oil drain. Using this particular tool is easy, but before you begin pumping the oil out from your vehicle’s oil drain, you need to follow these simple steps to facilitate the task. 

Step 1 - Pre-Run the Engine

Before you remove the oil using the pump oil extractor, make sure that you pre-run the engine for about 5 to 10 minutes to warm the oil that has adhered stubbornly inside the oil drain. Pre-running the engine also allows the sludge to mix and suspend in the oil so that you can easily remove these compounds from your vehicle. Take out the dipstick from the oil drain to check that the consistency of the oil and the sludge is no longer thick.

Step 2 - Insert the Extraction Tube to the Where the Dipstick is Inserted

Do not return the dipstick from where you removed it. Instead, choose the right diameter of extraction tube of the pump oil extractor that will fit into the dipstick pipe. Carefully insert the tube inside the oil drain until the tube touches the bottom. Connect the extraction tube to the main tube of the pump oil extractor.

Step 3 - Operate the Pump Oil Extractor

Once the extraction tube is connected to the pump, operate the extractor by pumping the handle of the extractor 4 to 15 times continuously. This is necessary to make the pump create a vacuum to suck the oil from the drain to the container that is attached to the pump. Once a vacuum is created, the unit will automatically extract the oil, so you can quit pumping.

Step 4 - Clean the Pump Oil Extractor

After you have removed all of the oil and sludge from the oil drain, press the release valve that is located at the top of the extractor for a few seconds. Remove the tube that connects the extraction pipe to the unit. Wipe off the extraction pipe, as well as the main tube before you put the dipstick back into the oil drain. Bring the waste material (oil) to a recycling depot.