How to Use a Roof Safety Harness

What You'll Need
Roof brackets
Shingle tab
2 x 6s
Safety Harness

When dealing with roof safety, always wear a roof safety harness. Anything can happen and the littlest mistake can send you falling off the roof. So by following these few easy steps, you can properly use a roof safety harness.

Step 1 - Nailing on the Roof Brackets

With a hammer, nail a row of roof brackets about 3 feet apart and 16 inches up. The brackets should be placed directly on top of a truss. Install each bracket by sliding a bracket under a shingle tab.

Step 2 - Building a Slide Guard

Set up roof brackets and planks across the eave of the roof. Not only can you place your tools on this, but it will prevent you from falling off the edge of the roof.

Step 3 - Adjusting the Safety Harness

Strap on the safety harness to your body. Tighten the straps to make sure the harness fits snugly. Make sure to check that all of the buckles are secured shut on the harness.