How to Use a Sheet Metal Shear

What You'll Need
Sheet Metal Shear
Leather Gloves
Protective Goggles
Sheet Metal

A sheet metal shear is a piece of hardware used to cut various types of metal and is very sharp and heavy duty. There are many types of metal shears that you can use and these will depend on your need and application. Shearing metal is a very important process in sheet metal fabrication and below are some steps on how to use the most common metal shear.

Step 1: Protection

Make sure to put on your protective equipment because you will be working with steel and it can be dangerous. Metal shavings can become airborne and cause severe injury.

Step 2: Power up the Metal Shear

Plug in the equipment and turn it on. Check the bed of the sheet metal shear and make sure that there is nothing on it like dirt or any material that could get in the way of cutting the metal. If there’s some debris on it, turn off the shear and clean it first. Once you’ve cleaned it you can begin again.

Step 3: Cut the Metal

Place the sheet metal on the bed of the shear. Be careful, because it is already running at this point and make sure not to get in contact with the blade. This goes for the sheet metal, as well. You will then find a back-gauge on the sheet metal shear and adjust it in order to cut the metal about a half inch larger than the target size.

Step 4: Cut the Other Sides of Metal

Turn the metal 90° and set the side that was just cut on the squaring bar on the bed. Place the tape measure of the shear at the end of the metal and pull it across to define a measuring system. Now make a measurement that is one inch longer than that of your final target length. Set the metal against the squaring bar and step on the pedal of the sheet metal shear. The sheet metal will then be cut.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4

Turn the metal sheet again and set it on the squaring bar. Do the same things that were done in the previous steps until you get the target measurement of your sheet metal.

Step 6: Check the Output

Remove the sheet metal from the bed and inspect it, checking to see if it is of the right size. If there are still irregularities in the measurements and shape, put it back on the bed and repeat Step 4. Once the sheet metal has been sheared perfectly, remove from the bed and set it aside.

Step 7: Clean and Store

Now that it has completed its task, you should shut down the machine and set it aside properly. Turn off the main power switch of the equipment. Clean the bed of any dirt and contaminants. Carefully clean the blade with a brush to remove any metal shavings. Unplug it from the socket and roll up the cord and set it aside. Cover the sheet metal shear with a waterproof material to prevent it from getting wet and accumulating rust.