How to Use a Spiral Saw

The spiral saw was originally designed and produced to enable installing building materials, such as drywall or sheetrock and to make very accurate cuts and holes quickly. Since its original inception, there have been a number of different spiral saw blades and bits for cutting a variety of different types of materials introduced into the market. There is also an adapter piece that enables saw blades and cutting wheels to be used. This article describes how to install the proper blade, wheel, bit or adapter and then make cuts in different types of materials

Cutting Drywall or Tile Grout Joints

Step 1: Install Proper zip bit

The zip bit for drywall looks like a drill bit, while the grout cutting bit looks like a carbide tipped grinder or ball. Make sure the tool is unplugged. Push the lock button and rotate the tool’s collet until it locks in place. With the collet wrench supplied with your spiral saw, loosen the collet nut enough to fully insert the bit you need. Again using the collet wrench, securely tighten the collet nut to ensure the bit won’t slip.

Step 2: Plug In and Turn On

Plug the spiral saw in and turn it on. If your particular spiral saw allows a rotational speed selection, select the highest speed possible.

Step 3: Place Depth Guide Base Against Material Being Cut

With the tool at a forty five degree angle to the material being cut, line the guide mark up with the mark being used to guide your cut and hold the tool against the material.

Step 4: Tilt Bit Into Material

Slowly tilt the spiral saw until the cutting bit makes contact with the material and begins cutting. Once the cut is begun, continue slowly tilting the tool until it is perpendicular with the material being cut.

Step 5: Follow Marks or Lines

If you’re removing tile grout, follow the grout lines that need to be removed until completion. If you’re cutting drywall, follow the lines on the material you should have previously made to mark where the cut is needed. When the cut has been completed, pull the tool out of the material and turn it off. Repeat step one in reverse to remove the zip bit for storage.

Attaching Right Angle Adapter and Cutting Wood or Tile

Step 1: Insert Drive Adapter

The zip mate right angle adapter comes with a short adapter rod that transfers the rotational forces to it. Install this in the spiral saw collet and secure the collet.

Step 2: Place the Right Adapter on Spiral Saw

Place the open end of the right angle adapter on the end of the spiral saw and press them together while twisting back and forth to ensure that the drive rod properly engages in the adapter. Make sure you’re holding the collet lock button during this step. Rotate the head until the blade is at a comfortable cutting angle and flip the locking lever. Install the blade cover.

Step 3: Cut

Turn the tool on to the highest speed. Place the rotating blade against the material at your mark and slowly press into the material. Follow your previously marked line and cut.

The preceding paragraphs have given you some information about how to use a spiral saw for multiple types of projects.