How to Use a Steam Vacuum Cleaner

What You'll Need
Steam vacuum cleaner
Instructions manual

A steam vacuum cleaner is a very important appliance in a home since its function of extracting steam to kill bacteria while cleaning thoroughly is highly appropriate especially in the case of carpets, floors, soft furnishings and upholstery. The moisture and any residuals and dirt is sucked up by the steam vacuum cleaner.

Step 1 - Read the Instructions Carefully

Although the function of a steam vacuum cleaner is the same for all models, there will obviously be a number of variations from one to another. Hence it is very important to read the instructions accompanying your steam vacuum cleaner carefully and in case you do not fully understand something make sure to ask the supplier or manufacturer. Keep in mind that incorrect use in some way or another may cause the stain you are trying to clean to penetrate further in the fabric, or else you may cause the vacuum cleaner some sort of damage.

Step 2 - Fill with Water and Soap if Desired

A steam vacuum cleaner operates with water. Remove the container where water needs to be placed for the steam cleaner mechanism to operate. Fill this container with water making sure not to exceed the maximum level. Some people also opt to use special soap products made for steam cleaners so as to clean better, remove stains and leave a pleasant fragrance. In such a case make sure to use a good quality product and follow the directions on the package. When ready carefully reinstall the container back in its place inside the steam vacuum cleaner.

Step 3 - Plug the Steam Vacuum Cleaner and Start Cleaning

Plug the steam vacuum cleaner to the nearest or most convenient electrical source and start to rub down on the carpet or other surface with it. It is best to move it in such a way so as to create regular strokes in the same direction, and then alternate the movement. This will ensure more thorough cleaning of the carpet fibers. On the first stroke press the lever or button which will release the steam onto the carpet. When changing the direction release the mechanism which will scrub the carpet and suck the moisture, residuals or dirt.

Step 4 - Repeat the Process

Move little by little, treating small areas at a time until you have cleaned the whole area of the carpet or surface. In areas where there is a persistent stain, you may need to spend more time on this area and go over it more than once so as to scrub more effectively and hopefully manage to remove the stain.

Step 5 - Allow it to Dry Well

Once finished allow the carpet to dry well. It is best to open a window to accelerate the drying process and make sure you avoid walking over the carpet or surface you have just cleaned.

Step 6 - Discard Any Water

Make sure to discard any water or soap that was not used, wipe the container dry and reinstall it in the steam vacuum cleaner.

By following these steps you will deep-clean your carpets or other upholstery effectively.