How to Use a Suction Pool Cleaner

What You'll Need
Suction cleaner
Skimmer or port

A suction pool cleaner is one of the best inventions made to help pool owners. If you are new to the suction cleaner, here are a few steps to help you use it to clean your pool.

Step 1 - Determine the Right Cleaner for You

The suction cleaner that you use for your pool will depend on the size of the pool as well as whether or not you want to manually work it or let it go automatically while you are not supervising. Once you have decided which is better for your pool and lifestyle you can put it together.

Step 2 - Hooking Up to Skimmer

The pump from the pool will be hooked up nearby and a hose from the pump connects to underneath to the skimmer. This is generally called a skimmer but may be labeled as a vacuum port. The port looks like a little bowl area that is attached to the pool and it has a basket as well as water in it. You will put the lid to the skimmer onto the top of it, as this is where the hose from the cleaner will attach.

Step 3 - Beginning the Cleaner

You will need to get in the water with the suction cleaner and connect one end of the hose to it. Then, completely fill the hose up with water and then hook it up to the lid of the skimmer where there is an attachment for the hose. The movements and suctions from the water in the hose as well as in the pump will allow the cleaner to move around and suction by itself. The first time that you use it, you may want to sit and watch to make sure that it is working properly.

Step 4 - Fix Any Problems

If the vacuum is moving slowly, the first thing that you will want to check is the basket that is under the lid of the skimmer. This is where anything the vacuum picks up is deposited, so if your pool is dirty, you may have to clean this out a few times while the vacuum is running. If this does not speed up the vacuum then you can check the hose to make sure nothing is stuck. You can do this by taking the hose off of the vacuum and skimmer, being careful not to dump anything back into the pool and moving it outside. Then, you can take a hose and run water through the hose to make sure nothing is getting in the way. Now that it is clear you can reattach the hose and being vacuuming again.

If the suction cleaner is not making it around the whole pool then you will want to make a few splashes in the water to make sure that it is getting movement or run the hose up and down a few times.

These steps should help you on your way to a clean pool!