How to Use a T Square

What You'll Need
T square (technical)
Drawing board
Pencil and eraser
Other technical instruments: triangles, square

A t square is a measuring device, much like that of a ruler that is utilized in technical drawing such as drafting floor plans over the drawing board. A t square is a very important instrument for engineers, architects and illustrators alike. This instrument is one of the most basic drawing tools in order to create plans for buildings, landscapes, houses, and the like.

There are generally 2 basic types of T squares: Technical T square and Construction T square. Technical T square is basically utilized by architects, engineers and draftsmen for technical drawings and is used together with a drawing board. A construction T square is the one manipulated by carpenters, bricklayers, masons and home builders. In this guide, the technical T square will be used.

Step 1 – Place the T Square onto the Drawing Board

Put the T square at right angles along the edges of the drawing board. A T square has a straight edge that can be moved that is utilized to hold other technical tools like triangles and squares. The T square can be slid across the drawing table surface to the area where one wants to draw.

Step 2 – Fasten the T Square in Place

Fasten the T square to prevent it from sliding sideways across the paper’s surface. The T square is typically put on a system of pulleys or sliders on the top edge of a slanted drafting table, or it can be connected to both top and bottom edges. There is a screw on the top and bottom mounts that can be rotated to stop the movement of the T square.

Step 3 – Draw Lines and Curves

To draw vertical lines, use the T square. To draw parallel horizontal lines or angles, you can place the triangles and squares beside the T square and calculate your desired lines and angles precisely. You may also use the French curve to create shapes that are curved and there are also templates if there are any other small shapes that need to be drawn repetitively.

Step 4 – The Use of T square in Carpentry

For the construction T square, it is used to determine the precise angle and it is usually placed on edges of walls or cabinets. Together with a level, the T square is also utilized in bricklaying to maintain the exact vertical line.