How to Use a Texture Sprayer to Make Popcorn Texture

What You'll Need
Drywall texture sprayer
Popcorn texture
Drop cloths
White texture compound
Duct tape

For those wanting to go retro in home design and have popcorn texture, it can be done with a drywall texture sprayer, rather than renting a special machine. That can save money. It’s not a style that appeals to everyone, but if you’re one who wants it then it can be put on without any real problem, as long as it’s done with care.

Step 1 - Preparation

Using popcorn texture through a drywall texture sprayer is very messy. That means you need to protect the room and yourself. Remove all the furniture from the room and then cover the floor with drop cloths. Either weigh them down or use duct tape to keep them in place. Cover the wall with drop cloths, taping them in place.

If the ceiling is white, you’re fine to spray. If it’s another color, paint it white before proceeding. If it’s unpainted drywall, add a coat of primer before using the popcorn texture.

Step 2 - Mix

Before beginning to mix the texture, clothe yourself for the job. Wear old clothes, including old shoes, with long sleeves. Put on an old hat, safety glasses, and add a dust mask before spraying to protect yourself from all the drips.

Take the popcorn texture and mix with water according to instructions. Use a stirrer and be sure that you mix thoroughly, then leave for a few minutes. Check it again and thin if necessary. You’ll need to experiment to come up with the right consistency for your particular sprayer. If you want to prevent the problem of sifting particles, put a little white texture compound in the water, but be sure you do it before adding the popcorn texture.

Step 3 - Sprayer

There are different types of drywall texture sprayer. Many people favor the low pressure type, and this will do a better job with popcorn texture, although it will still be very messy; there’s just no way around that. On the sprayer, change the aperture to one of the larger settings that will accommodate the texture. You might also need to change the trigger setting, if yours has the option. The best way is to experiment against some old plywood to see what works for you.

Step 4 - Technique

Before beginning to spray, make sure you’re properly protected. Mentally divide the ceiling into different areas and begin by spraying a thin coat over and area. After this go back over the area for a second, heavier pass with the drywall texture sprayer. This is much more effective than trying to achieve the correct thickness with a single spray. If you already have thin texture on the ceiling you can spray popcorn texture over it. After you’ve covered each area, leave to dry and then clean the drop cloths from the room before bringing the furniture back in to your new retro room.