How to Use a Torpedo Laser Level

What You'll Need
Torpedo Laser Level

One of the new lines of tools that is helping do it yourself homeowners is the torpedo laser level. The torpedo laser level is a great tool to have in your home improvement toolbox because of its ease of use and accurate level readings. With its small profile, many different reading angles, and laser lightbeam displaying the exact spot for true level readings, the torpedo laser level can be instrumental in a wide variety of projects. If you are not familiar with this type of level, or tool, here are some steps to use the torpedo laser level correctly. 

Step 1: Be Familiar with the Level

Before you start using your new level, you will want to become familiar with it so you know what it can do. A torpedo level laser looks much like a regular torpedo level. It has a small body construction, most only being 8 to 12 inches in length, with several air bubbles for different readings. You can take vertical, horizontal, and different angular readings (on some models) with a torpedo level. The laser lightbeam can be turned on by a touch of a button that is positioned on the level. 

Step 2: Use for Hanging Single Picture

With the laser torpedo level you can easily hang a picture perfectly level. Instead of placing marks on the wall where the picture will need to line up in order to be level, you can now simply place the laser level on the wall and hang the picture according to the laser light. Depending on the type of torpedo level you have, it may have suction cups to place on the wall, a broad spectrum laser for wide straightline coverage, or have to place the level on a ladder at the right height. Place the level at the height where the picture will be hung. Turn on the laser light. Now you will need to line up the air bubble on the horizontal plane where it is in the middle, level position. From there you will have a straight line across the wall where the picture can be hung.

Step 3: Use for Keeping Tiles Level

Another great use for a torpedo laser level is when you are placing tiles on a backsplash or countertop. This is especially important with the starter row. If this row is not perfectly level, the following rows will all be uneven. Lay the torpedo laser level along the counter at the top edge of the first row. Lay the level down on its side so you can get a level reading on this horizontal plane. Make the necessary adjustments needed in order for the laserbeam to be level. As you lay down the beginning row of tiles, you will be able to follow the light instead of trying to find a pencil mark.

Step 4: Use for Multi-Wall Applications

Some torpedo laser levels have the ability to wrap around walls when the level is located in an area where it points its laser to the wall surface. This is a great way to install wainscoting, chair rail, or as a reference line for painting a horizontal line. Simply place the laser on a flat surface at the height you want it and point the laser at the wall. The laserbeam will be displayed over the entire surface around inside corners.