How to Use a Universal Garage Door Opener

What You'll Need
Universal garage door opener
Opener remote code

A universal garage door opener is a wonderful gadget that allows a homeowner to open any type of garage door opener. There are many useful ways that a universal garage door opener is almost essential in today's busy world. Losing a garage door opener control usually means replacing the entire unit. However, the universal opener can be used instead. Another great benefit is being able to open more than one door with the same control. These benefits, among others, make the universal garage door opener control a great investment. Using it requires a little bit of programming.

Step 1: Shop for Universal Garage Door Opener Control

Not all universal garage door openers are created the same. Take some time to look over the different options that are available to consumers. There are plenty of different sizes, shapes, button configuration, and openers with multiple uses. Some even have LED lights for use in the dark. Think about the different needs that you have (ie. two doors, nighttime use, etc.) and then choose the right one for you. 

Step 2: Choose Compatible Opener

Before you make your final purchase of the universal opener you will want to make sure that the control will work the specific make and model of the garage door opener that you own. Some universal controls can operate up to 80% of the different models on the market today, but there are some that are only for use with a few different makes. Take some time to check out the labels on the package before making your purchase.

Step 3: Locate Opener Codes for Programming

Once you get the universal opener to your home, you can then begin the programming process. You will need to know the specific code for your particular garage door opener in order to get the job completed. After opening the package the universal opener control is contained in, you will locate the directions. There will be a list of codes within the directions that you will be able to use. These codes are broken down into make and model. There are also some codes that can be used for anything not covered.

Step 4: Program Universal Garage Door Opener Control

After you have located the correct code for the garage door opener that you own, you need to program it into the control. If the package came with two different controls, both will need to be programmed. Simply follow the manufacturer's directions to tap the code into the control. This is usually through the use of the buttons on the device. Make sure that you are standing in front of the garage door opener so that the two devices can "talk" to each other. Once the code is working, lock it in. If there are two garage doors, then follow the specific directions for entering both codes. 

Step 5: Try Out the Universal Controller

As with any garage door opener control, you should be able to operate the universal control from your vehicle. Test it out to make sure that the codes are working. Also, work with it to find out its maximum range.