How to Use a Vacuum for Cleaning Cobwebs

What You'll Need
Small vacuum cleaner with long hose and small nozzle
Tarp for floor
Face mask
Step ladder
Wash cloth

Cobwebs can be an unsightly nuisance, but you can use vacuum cleaning to effectively get rid of them with a minimum of fuss. There are special vacuum cleaners designed specifically for removing cobwebs that you can rent, but unless you are taking on a large project, the ordinary household kind will do. Cobwebs tend to congregate in ceiling corners, wall crevices and on window frames; read on to learn how to clean them from all three places just by using a vacuum cleaner.

Step 1- Cleaning Cobwebs from Ceiling Areas

Make sure the vacuum cleaner is unblocked and clean, and that the vacuum bag is empty to ensure maximum suction.

Prepare your area by laying out the dust sheet and securing your step ladder in the correct position with the vacuum wire not too close to the step ladder to avoid accidents. Also for safety always make sure you have someone standing behind you holding the step ladder securely.

Using the longest hose with the smallest nozzle, postion the vacuum nozzle over the cobwebs making sure it is on its highest setting. Move the nozzle using swift upward motions until all the cobwebs have been removed

Clean the excess dirt from the area with a warm cloth and water. If extra dirty, use regular handsoap and rinse. Be sure to climb down safely when using ladders of any description. Clean the vacuum hose and nozzle with warm water and a soft cloth to finish.

Step 2 - Cleaning Cobwebs from Window Frames

You will need a handheld vacuum cleaner and a soft handheld brush for cleaning away excess cobwebs without causing damage to window frames. You will also need everything you used for cleaning the ceiling except for the step ladder.

Make sure if you are using a battery powered handheld vacuum that you use new or nearly new batteries and that is free from any other dust or dirt, again to ensure maximum suction.

Position the vacuum over the cobwebs, using swift upward movements ensure all cobwebs are cleaned away. Be careful not to damage wooden window frames by using a brush to remove excess cobwebs. Clean the area with warm water and a soft cloth and if exceptionally dirty add washing up liquid to the water and rinse.

Step 3 - Cleaning Cobwebs from Wall Crevices

You will need the same implements you used for cleaning cobwebs from window frames but be careful not to damage your paintwork by using a nozzle with a brush instead. Substitute the soft cloth with a soft sponge. You can use either  a handheld or ordinary vacuum. 

Position the vacuum over the cobwebs and move up and down until all the cobwebs have been cleaned away. Use the sponge and warm water to clean away the excess. Clean the vacuum hose with warm water and remove any blockages if the cobwebs have got stuck the inside of the hose.