How to Use a Volt Meter for Car Repair How to Use a Volt Meter for Car Repair

What You'll Need

A volt meter will allow you to test for faulty wiring when you are working on repairing your vehicle. You can test your battery, fuses and other electrical circuits with this tool. It's important to understand how to use it in order to use it safely and effectively.

Step 1 - Get a Ground

Use the black lead to clip around something suitable for a ground connection. This will prevent you, or the vehicle, from getting a jolt that can be harmful.

Step 2 - Connect the Hot Wire

The red lead will actually test the voltage, amps and resistance. Most volt meters have a removable clip that you can use. Use the clip if you are testing a fuse or wire. If you are testing an area that isn't feasible to clip, you can use the needlepoint to gain access. This is good for testing relays and coils.

Step 3 - Set the Type of Measurement

You will have several options for readings with a volt meter. You can set it to test specifically what you are looking for, and then set a range as well. This will vary based on what you are testing.

Step 4 - Turn It On

With everything set and connected, you can power on the volt meter. The display will show you the output for the range and setting you chose.


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