How to Use a Wallpaper Steamer

What You'll Need
Drop Cloths
Wallpaper Steamer
Wallpaper Scoring Tool
Wallpaper Scraper
Working Gloves

A wallpaper steamer is an essential tool in removing wallpapers. It is composed of a water tank and a hose that is attached to a hot plate. A wallpaper steamer is applied on the surface of the wallpaper to soften the glue that attaches the wallpaper into a wall surface. Below are the instructions on how to use a wallpaper steamer.

Step 1-Set-up the Wallpaper Steamer and Working Area

Connect the hose to the hotplate unit and fill the water tank with enough water for your wallpaper removal project. Place the drop cloths directly below the wall area that you will work on to catch falling wallpapers for easy disposal later. Plug the wallpaper steamer in and allow it to heat up.

Step 2-Use the Wallpaper Steamer

Before using the wallpaper steamer, wear working gloves. If you are working to remove non-porous wallpaper, use a wallpaper scoring tool first.

Hold the hotplate of the wallpaper steamer and place it on the wallpaper surface that you want to remove first. Wait at least 20 seconds before moving to another wall area. As you slide the hotplate into another area you can scrape off the wallpaper that you just steamed using a wallpaper scraper.