How to Use a Water Shut Off Valve Tool

What You'll Need
Water shut off valve

The water shut off valve tool is a very important component in your home plumbing system. The shut off valve helps you control the flow of the water around the house and allows you to cut off water supply in certain areas when needed. To use the shut off valve to control the water supply inside and outside your home, here is what you should do.

Step 1 – Locate the Water Shut Off Valve

Most homes have water shut off valves located in strategic areas like the kitchen, the bathroom, the basement and outdoors. If you live in a big house with several bathrooms, sinks and other water outlets, you should make it a point to located all the shut off valves and turn them off before you do any plumbing works.

Step 2 – Shut of the Water Supply

To shut off the water supply in certain parts of the house, simply turn the dial on the valve in a clockwise direction. Make sure that the valve is tightly shut before you start working on your pipes to avoid water damage.

Step 3 – Turn on the Valve

After making repairs on your plumbing, turn the dial of the valve in a counter-clockwise direction to release the water.