How to Use a Weed Cutter

What You'll Need
Weed Cutter
Safety Goggles
Long-Sleeved Shirt
Long Pants
Closed-Toe Shoe
Gas & oil Mixture/Batteries
Trimmer Line

A weed cutter, or weed eaters, are handy devices that help minimize the amount of laboring hours when it comes to removing weeds. Furthermore, they can nicely fit anywhere a regular sized lawn mower cannot reach, so they will be even more useful for little corners and sharp edges. Luckily, they are very easy to use. 

Step 1 – Preparation

The ideal weed cutter is a gas-powered one. In fact, it has greater power and can, thus, be employed on any kind of project. So, if you have a gas weed cutter, you should first check if you have enough gas and oil in the tank to actually complete the job. If not, pour the gas and oil mixture in the tank to fill it up (make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct mixture). If you have a battery-powered weed cutter, then check that the batteries are charged and keep some spare ones just in case. Then, you should check the amount of string left. If there isn’t enough string, you should add some trimmer line to the spool. Before starting the job, remember to wear your safety goggles and wear clothing which covers your body because weed eaters have a tendency of throwing debris back at you.

Step 2 – Switching on the Weed Cutter

To start off you will need to turn on the weed cutter. Firs,t find the primer button beneath the motor and switch it to start position. Then,  hold down the gas trigger and pull the starting cord with quick and strong tugs. You should continue this procedure until the cutter starts up. As soon as the cutter starts, you can then turn the primer button to run.

Step 3 – Holding the Weed Cutter Correctly

Once your weed cutter is running, you can start the weed trimming and cutting process, but first, you need to make sure you are holding the cutter correctly. First off, you should always hold the trimmer as far away from your body as possible. However, always keep in mind that the position must be comfortable for you to work in. To hold the cutter, you should place one hand on the trigger and the other on the shaft handle so that you can easily move around.

Step 4 – Using the Cutter

Now that you are holding the cutter correctly, you can start using it. In order for the cutter to function and to start trimming the desired area, you should pull and hold the trimmer while gently moving the cutter along the weeds or grass. For best results, you should make side-to-side or zigzag movements with your cutter. You can now go about completing the whole project.

This is the best way to use a weed cutter. Remember to be careful when using your weed cutter and to wear protective clothing. Using it should be an easy task.