How to Use a Wood Lathe Skew Chisel: 3 Tips

What You'll Need
Skew Chisel
Wood Lathe
Item to be turned

The skew chisel is probably one of the most difficult types of woodworking tools for beginners. These tools can do serious damage to your working piece, and even a little mistake can mean an item is ruined. The most serious mistake for the amateur woodworker is pressing too hard upon the chisel, leading to a dig-in, which will gauge along the wood, taking off a serious amount. In order to avoid this mistake, you will need to learn how to handle the skew chisel carefully.

Tip 1 - Learn the Ropes

Before you even begin to touch the wood, you should learn how to handle the chisel so that it will not dig into the wood. Make sure that you can lay the chisel on the wood the correct way.

Tip 2 - Smooth the Wood

Begin by smoothing the wood as though you were sandpapering. Take the chisel, and place it on the edge of the wood, with the end, known as the toe, at 2 O'clock. Move the lathe slowly, so that the toe is constantly pointing away from the wood, and the heel striking it.

Tip 3 - Taper the Wood

This is the same action as smoothing, but you can now put the heel a little deeper into the wood.