How to Use a Wood Router

A man uses a router.

A router is a type of electric tool intended for woodworking that is designed to hollow out or rout out the face of a piece of lumber. Understanding how to use a wood router will give you the opportunity to use this tool to your fullest advantage in the woodshop. Wood routers are extremely useful tools but they are also dangerous when used incorrectly.


When you are using a wood router you should make sure that you have the right materials and safety gear on hand including a dust mask, work gloves, and safety goggles.

Using a Wood Router

Dull edges create more work, so always make sure that you are working with a sharp bit. You also must make sure that the piece that you are working on is clamped down securely so that pieces do not fly up and hurt you when using the wood router. Make sure that the wood router is supported and not wobbling or feeling uneasy. Not only can this ruin what you are working on, but it can also cause injury if you are not careful. You should also make sure that you are feeding the router from the left to the right in order to stay safe. Using a wood router should be gradual, and you should be patient for the best results.