How to Use a Wood Turning Parting Tool How to Use a Wood Turning Parting Tool

What You'll Need
Wood Lathe
Parting Tool
Safety Equipment

A wood turning parting tool is a small chisel that is used to cut grooves into wood while it is turning on the lathe. There are other times when the parting tool is also used to remove small pieces of finished wood. By turning a small screw the operator can get just the right adjustment in order not to go too deep into the wood. Using a parting tool does take some getting used to.

Step 1: Use Safety Equipment

Before turning on your lathe make sure that you are wearing protective glasses and ear plugs.

Step 2: Guide Chisel with Back Hand

As with any type of wood turning tool you will be leaning towards the lathe with your front hand steadying the parting tool and your back hand applying the right amount of pressure to cut into the piece.

Step 3: Keep Turning Steadily when Parting

Using the parting tool to "part" the end of the piece of wood is another function of this tool. Set the chisel on the tool rest and keep it steady as it cuts into the wood. When it gets close to parting, keep the lathe spinning and cup your hand on the end. When it drops off, make sure you have a hold of it so it does not fall to the floor.

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