How to Use Adhesive Foam Board How to Use Adhesive Foam Board

What You'll Need
Straight edge
Utility knife
Flat square
Hot glue
Glue gun
Duct tape
Push pins

To make school and business displays, or simply for use as a bulletin board to pin articles, notices, and memos, an adhesive foam board is one of the most inexpensive and practical materials you will find available. Here's how to make yours:

Step 1 – Create a Scale Model

Make a rough drawing of the board model you wish to use. Include measurements such as height and width. For example: if your model will be a house, include objects such as a roof, windows, doors, porch or even a picket fence. Add support or decorative pieces by gluing these pieces onto your model. Attach support edges by using strips of cardboard or other strips of foam board.

Step 2 – Create a Fabric Foam Board

Use pieces of fabric or ribbon and cover the face of your board with a section of fabric large enough to cover the entire board. Tuck fabric edges behind the board edges and attach them with glue. To create a border, cut strips from a separate piece of fabric and attach these pieces to the board edges with glue or duct tape.

Step 3 - Finishing Up

Decorate with ribbon. Attach notes and memos with push pins or thumb tacks.

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