How To Use Alexa in a Baby Nursery

a baby holding a cell phone

Prepping for a baby is no small matter, and whether you’re awaiting your first or wrangling a whole herd, the Amazon Alexa is an affordable way to create a functional smart nursery. Amazon offers a wide variety of Alexa devices with a range of abilities, from the basic Echo Dot to the advanced Echo Spot, and all of them have ways to help you out in the nursery.

Alexa, Sing Bah Bah Black Sheep

Many babies love music, white noise, or soothing nature sounds—these can calm a fussy little one, lull a baby to sleep, and even become an integral part of bedtime training.

If you are looking to create a smart home on a budget, the Echo Dot is a great addition to the nursery. You can use it to tell Alexa what to play and for how long, then let her work her magic. All Echo products can connect to your phone, and to other Amazon products in the house, and can be synced to apps like Spotify as well.

Consider creating a playlist with your little love’s favorite tunes on Spotify, so you can ask Alexa for something you know your tot likes when they get fussy.

Nap Timer

If you need to take a little nap in the nursery and don’t want to oversleep, have Alexa set a timer. If you need to remember to give your baby medicine or schedule a feeding at a specific time, just ask Alexa.

All Amazon Alexa products can keep time and communicate with each other, so you can set a timer in your nursery and be reminded in your kitchen or your office.

an amazon dot device on a desk with office supplies

Alexa, Order Diapers

For new parents in the haze of baby bliss, one of the most important features about the Amazon products is their ability to order supplies from Amazon for you. Running low on diapers and not able to run to the store? Just tell Alexa to order you more and she’ll have diapers at your door in two days — no trip to the store necessary. Need new paint brushes and tarps for your latest baby nursery DIY? Just ask Alexa to get the supplies, and Prime will take care of the rest.

Baby Monitor

All you need is two Echo Dots and you have yourself a smart baby monitor. Start by assigning each device a different name in the Alexa app. Then when you want to hear how your baby is doing during nap time, simply say “Alexa, drop in on ____" (whatever you have named the nursery Dot). This will allow you to hear everything going on in the nursery without going in and accidentally waking up baby.

If you have the Echo Show or the Echo Sport, you can drop in visually as well and see everything going on in the nursery.

Drop-in pro tip: Make sure you press mute on your end before you virtually check on a sleeping baby, or the noise you make may end up playing loudly in the nursery.

a woman cuts vegetables in the kitchen near a smart speaker

Kids, Kids, Kids

If you have more than one child, you may want to use Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids Edition. This product is programmed with child safety restrictions that can be controlled by parents. This means that you can still use the Echo Dot in the nursery to it’s full potential, but your toddler who has just learned to say "Alexa" can’t get into trouble.

Integration Station

The Alexa devices seamlessly integrate with tons of other products for smart homes. You can install smart light bulbs in the nursery and Alexa can turn them on and off from across the home. Amazon also sells indoor security cameras that can be integrated and managed by the Alexa app on your phone.

The Echo products can also be connected to smart doorbells. The Echo Dot is just the beginning of smart products that Amazon offers, but if you’re new to smart homes or want to start cheap, it’s a great place to begin.

Although there are no guarantees in the world of cyber crime, Amazon backs its Alexa devices with a promise that your information is secure, a feature that's especially valuable when it comes to protecting your kids.