How to Use an Air Compressor to Fill a CO2 Tank

What You'll Need
CO2 tank
Air Compressor
CO2 tank fitting
A watch or stop watch

An air compressor can be an invaluable tool and even be used to fill and empty a CO2 tank. If you use a CO2 tank, you know how much of a hassle it can be taking it back and forth to the store to be refilled, not to mention the money wasted. Fortunately, if you have access to an air compressor, there is a very quick and easy way to keep your CO2 tank filled with no cost.

Step 1 - Drain

You will need the proper compressed air fitting for your air compressor hose. Attach the CO2 fitting to the fitting at the end of the compressor hose. Screw the other end of the fitting into the CO2 tank, tightly. At the top of the fitting there is a bleed-off valve that needs to be unscrewed as well. This will let any air left over in the tank out, allowing you better accuracy with filling it up. When all the air is out, it’s time to put new air in. Make sure you reclose the bleed valve before turning on the compressor.

Step 2 - Fill ‘Er Up

Determine the size of your CO2 tank and multiply it by two. That is the amount of time you want to run the compressor. An 8 ounce tank will need 16 seconds worth of air. Check your watch and turn the compressor on. There is little margin for error, but keep track of your time or you could end up damaging your tank, your compressor, or yourself. Overfilling is a serious concern so track your fill time carefully.

Step 3 - Shut It Down

Turn off your compressor when you’ve reached your calculated time. Open the bleed valve for just a second or two to clear out the lines and avoid any build up, then unscrew your tank from the air compressor hose. You’re all done.

This incredibly easy task will allow you much more use of your CO2 tank at little to no cost at all. If you yourself do not have an air compressor, you may find one available to you at work, school, or through a friend. If you are using someone else’s air compressor be sure you have the right fittings for your tank ahead of time.

Always be sure to be careful around the compressed air. Never puncture or drop a CO2 tank, and keep flammable materials away.