How to Use an Alternator Repair Kit

What You'll Need
An alternator repair kit
A box end wrench
Ratchet with socket size
Crescent wrench
Any marker

Alternator repair is necessary to maintain the good condition and operation of an alternator. The alternator is part of a mechanized charging system which works together with the battery to produce power for the electrical components of the vehicle. Alternators run the exterior and interior lights and also the instrument panel. As time goes by, the alternator runs down and eventually breaks, requiring you to do an alternator repair to revive it. Alternators contain moving parts that get dirty and are subject to contrasting temperatures. That’s why you will need an alternator repair kit to help you repair the alternator. An alternator repair kit typically consists of 2 bearings, new brushes, new voltage regulator and also a diode pack. Instead of buying a new alternator, which is expensive, you can opt to get yourself a repair kit and rebuild the alternator by yourself. This article will teach you how to use an alternator repair kit in rebuilding your alternator.

Step 1 – Remove the Alternator

Loosen the battery leads and remove the air cleaner. Doing this will help you gain more access to the connections of the alternator and to the mounting bolts. Use a marker as you remove the alternator’s electrical leads to guide you during the installation process. Also take away the Serpentine Belt and undo the mounting bolts marking their original position. Now you may proceed to removing the alternator.

Step 2 – Unfasten the Screws

Unfasten the small screws holding the back unit’s plastic and the other screws holding two resistors in place. Notice where all the wires connect to starting from the voltage regulator to the rectifier and brushes, the ground leads to.  You can use a diagram to help you do this. Loosen more three mounting screws so you can replace the rectifier. Now you may proceed to remove the old rectifier.

Step 3 – Install the Alternator Repair Kit

You can now proceed to replacing the old rectifier and put It back to its original position using the screw drivers from your alternator repair kit. Also remove the screws which hold the brush and pull it out and install a newer brush replacement. Remember to clean the area where the brushes touch and install the new brushes from your alternator repair kit. Make sure to place the spring of the brushes are situated on its back then push it to its brush slot.

Next remove the screws which hold the bottom brush and the screws which hold the grounding screw for the voltage regulator. Turn off the unit and repeat the steps of replacing the screws. Do a final inspection before replacing the plastic cover and its two resistors.

Step 4 – Replace the Items Back

Return the alternator back to the automobile and reconnect the electrical leads. Do not twist the medium-sized post, which is one of the leads from the brush set, lest it breaks apart and you will have to buy another brush. Return the Serpentine belt and the air cleaner assembly. Ensure that you do check the alternator belt tension, the mounting bolts, and the heat shield which protect the alternator’s back. Lastly, reconnect the leads of the battery.