How to Use an Anchor Winch How to Use an Anchor Winch

What You'll Need
Work gloves
Anchor winch
Winch manual

An anchor winch is used to manipulate the chains and ropes that control the anchor. This machine makes it easy to set the anchor when needed. An anchor winch can be either hydraulic or electric. Here’s how you can use these effectively.

Step 1- Turn it On

Start by turning the anchor winch on. Most anchor winches can be turned on with a simple switch, but a few models actually use keys. If you are unsure about this, you can check the manual.

Step 2- For Hydraulic Winches

A hydraulic winch has a brake you need to operate. Find the friction brake lever, this should be directly next to the winch. Slowly squeeze the lever to adjust the brake. This is what will slow down or speed up the winch.

Step 3- Guide the Line

Some winches are self tailing, meaning they will guide themselves on the line. If yours isn’t, you will need to don your work gloves and guide the line yourself. It may require 2 people, depending on the type of winch that is used.

Step 4- Secure it to the Deck

Now you can secure the rope or chain to the deck, using the anchor ring. Once it’s secured, you can unlock the brake, and remove any strain from the line. Turn off the winch.


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