How to Use an Aquarium Gravel Vacuum How to Use an Aquarium Gravel Vacuum

What You'll Need
Aquarium Gravel Vacuum

An aquarium gravel vacuum is a must-have accessory that helps clear gravel, waste and debris from your tank. Here is how to use an aquarium gravel vacuum. 

Step 1 - Set up

The vacuum consists of a plastic tube and hose. Place the hose in a bucket to catch the gravel, water and anything else extracted by the vacuum. The bucket must be placed below the tank for the aquarium gravel vacuum to work. 

Step 2 - Start the Vacuum

Place the tube fully in the aquarium and you will see it begin to fill with water. Once it is full remove it from the tank and the water will begin to empty through the hose and into your bucket. Nonetheless, before the tube has fully emptied, dunk it in the tank again. Once you do this a few times you'll see how an air bubble, along with gravity, helps draw the water through the vacuum and into the bucket. 

Step 3 - Remove Gravel

Put the plastic tube directly over the aquarium gravel you want to remove. Move the vacuum carefully through your gravel beds, ensuring that you are mostly vacuuming gravel and not as much water. Spend extra time vacuuming around aquarium accessories.

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