How to Use an Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

electrical chainsaw sharpening machine
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
Electric chainsaw blade
Electric chainsaw sharpener
What You'll Need
Electric chainsaw blade
Electric chainsaw sharpener

Like any other cutting tool, an electric chainsaw also needs to be sharpened after usage and an electric chainsaw sharpener is used for doing so. Using a chainsaw sharpener is very easy and you can do it by yourself rather than taking the help of a professional.

Step 1 - Specification of the Saw Blade

Before trying to sharpen the blade of an electric chainsaw, you must know the proper and accurate specification of the saw blade. Generally the specification is given on the box in which the blade came or in any user manual given with it.

Step 2 - Positioning the Sharpener

The chainsaw sharpener must be placed on a firm rigid ground so that it does not move while operating. It must be kept in a place where the saw blade can be easily installed on it.

Step 3 - Installing the Sharpening Stone

From the information gathered from step 1, install the sharpening stone of proper width and that can fit in the gap between the teeth. The common width of the sharpening stone is 3/16 inch. Sharpening stones of various widths are available in the market, so purchase one according to your necessity.

Step 4 - Swivel Angle

The next most important thing is the swivel angle. Place the chainsaw blade in the holder of the chainsaw sharpener and adjust the swivel angle. The most common swivel angle is 0 degrees to 60 degrees. Sometimes it is also increased to 80 degrees.

hands sharpening a chainsaw with a machine

Step 5 - Blade Tooth Angle

Again go to the specification obtained from step 1 and see what is the given blade tooth angle. In the electric chainsaw sharpener this angle can be adjusted by loosening a knob in the blade holder. This knob can be moved in the negative or positive direction and the angle can be set accordingly.

Step 6 - Adjusting the Depth

The depth stop must be adjusted properly so that the grinder of the chainsaw sharpener does not cut very deep between the teeth. If this depth is not properly adjusted then the grinder will tend to cut the metal between the teeth and as a result the saw blade will be damaged. It can also cause overheating of the blade and thus the material of the blade will lose its temper.

Step 7 - Starting the Process

Now slowly lower the grinder wheel on the first tooth. When the grinder touches the blade a few sparks will come out. After keeping the grinder wheel in contact with the tooth for some time, remove it. You will notice that the inner surface of the tooth now has a shiny metallic appearance.

Step 8 - Advancing

Slowly sharpen each tooth on one side of the blade. Now after completing one set of teeth you have to adjust the grinder angle once again. If initially it was 20 degrees on the positive side, now you have to change it to negative 20 degrees. After doing so, follow the same procedure for the next set of teeth.