How to Use an Electric Plumbing Snake How to Use an Electric Plumbing Snake

What You'll Need
electric plumbing snake
protective gloves
work clothes

An electric plumbing snake is also referred to as an auger and can be used when the standard plunger fails to dislodge a clog. Unlike a plunger whose job is to push the clog through the drain, an electric plumbing snake is designed to pull the clog back up and out of the drain.

Step 1 - Feeding the Snake

The process can get rather messy depending on what has clogged the toilet and the extent of the backup. Both gloves and clothes which can become soiled are important considerations. Feed the head of the electric plumbing snake into the toilet. Continue to feed the snake head into the toilet until the clog is felt.

Step 2 - Screwing Into the Clog

The head of the plumbing snake resembles a corkscrew and is designed to be screwed into the clog. When the clog is felt, begin screwing the head of the snake into the clog. Often plastics or metals can be tricky and multiple attempts might be needed.

Step 3 - Removing the Clog

With the snake screwed into the clog, retract the snake from the toilet. This often is where things get messy since the clog is hooked to the end of the snake and everything comes rushing out together.

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