How to Use an Emergency Door Lock Release

What You'll Need
Drill with a screwdriver head
Emergency door lock release plate
Sharp knife
Manual screwdriver

Having an emergency door lock release is a very useful way to prevent your toddlers and other young children from accidentally locking themselves into a room and becoming endangered. While it does allow the door to lock, it also surrenders to a firm push, such as any adult (and even older children) can administer if the situation demands doing so.

Step 1 - Remover the Screw

Using the drill, remove the screws from the old door lock plate from the door frame. Set the screws aside temporarily.

Step 2 - Remove the old Plate

Detach the old door lock plate. If it is painted into place, cut along its edges with the knife, to free it from its old position.

Step 3- Place the new Plate

Position the new emergency release plate where the old lock plate was. Insert the top screw into the old screw hole, and start the screw with the manual screwdriver.

Step 4- Secure the new Plate

Place the second screw into the other screw hole, start it with the manual screwdriver, and screw it in flush with the plate itself.

Step 5- Ensure the Plate Works

Test the plate by locking the door and pushing firmly against it. It should open easily with minor effort.