How to Use an Ironing Mangle

What You'll Need
Ironing mangle

The iron mangle was very prevalent in the 1950s, but is not nearly as common today. Those who have one say it helps them to iron more clothes in a shorter amount of time. The Ironrite 85 ironing mangle was the most common model made. Because the machine is so old, many people who buy one are unsure how to use it. Here's how to iron with a mangle.

Step 1 – Place Item on the Roller

Using the shoe below the machine, you can raise and lower the heating element. You can also use another shoe to stop the roller. Stop the roller to get ready to set your fabric. Raise the heating element and feed your fabric until it's resting on the roller and ready to be clamped by the heating element. Let the clamp fix the fabric against the roller. Let the other shoe go to set the roller in motion.

Step 2 – Feed the Fabric

As the roller pulls your fabric through, help to feed the clothes into the machine. This will prevent ironing in a crease where you don't want it. Collect the fabric on the side and hang up or fold as desired.