How To Use An Oxygen Cutting Tool

An oxygen cutting torch is a cutting torch fueled by oxygen and other gases to produce a high-temperature flame that can be used to cut through metal. An oxygen cutting tool typically consisting of 2 cylinders, with one housing the oxygen and the other housing another fuel. Flexible hoses combine the two gases to a torch end that is used in the final application. Regulators are used to control pressure from each tank and also to monitor pressure levels in the individual tanks. In a typical application, the cutting torch is used to heat the metal to be cut until it is red-hot. A blast of oxygen is then triggered at the red-hot metal to supply extra heat to complete the cutting process. Similar torches can be used to bend or straighten metal parts as well. Using an oxygen cutting tool requires skill, and can be a dangerous process. Therefore it is important that you are familiar with the process before attempting to use this equipment. The following steps will help explain how to use an oxygen cutting tool:

Step 1: Set Up Your Oxygen Cutting Tool

Most cutting tools are set up to have a green-colored oxygen hose and a red-colored fuel hose. Check to ensure that the gas tank valves are turned off completely on each tank. You need to firmly attach the correct hoses to each cylinder ensuring that you follow the correct threading pattern since the two hoses will likely have opposing thread patterns to prevent mismatching. You will need to use wrenches to tighten the hoses, being careful to not damage the brass fittings by over tightening.

Step 2: Prepare Your Parts

Make sure you have appropriate safety equipment such as appropriate eyewear and gloves, and mark your parts with appropriate markings or even a pre-cut on the metal surface.

Step 3: Open the Gas Valves

You need to open the gas valve on the fuel gas tank first, and use the regulator to regulate the pressure until the instructed pressure is achieved. Typical pressure will range from 5 to 8 PSI. The same process will be repeated for the Oxygen tank until the instructed pressure is achieved. The Oxygen pressure will range between 25 to 40 PSI.

Step 4: Light the Flame

You can use a simple spark to light up the flame and adjust the fuel and oxygen supply until the flame is a hot blue color with appropriate sharp flame characteristics.

Step 5: Start the Cutting Process

Use the sharp flame to start heating the area that you want to cut, ensuring that the tip of the flame is close to the surface to be cut to achieve maximum efficiency. Depending on the thickness of the metal, the part will take just under a minute to get to a red-hot stage. Once you reach this stage, you can use the handle trigger (if equipped) to blast oxygen from the torch and cut through the metal.

Step 6: Cool Down the Part

You will need to help cool down the part and remove any excess slag from the work piece by simply chipping it away.