How to Use an RV Awning Repair Kit How to Use an RV Awning Repair Kit

What You'll Need
RV Awning Repair Tape / Eternabond Tape
Cleaning solution

You make use of an RV awning repair kit when there is damage on your RV awning. If you notice a small tear or an indication of ripping in the RV awning, preventing it from getting any longer is important, rather than worrying having to replace the entire awning later on. Repairs on a small scale are managed easily and will prevent you from spending more money on a replacement. If you are familiar with tent repairs, the methods are actually the same when it comes to RV awning. You can make use of an RV awning repair kit. Repair may require sewing or if the damage is too big for repairs, the awning may have to be replaced.

Step1 – Using Your RV Awning Repair Kit

At the spot of the damaged portion, there will be a hole or a tear. Clean the surrounding area using the cleaning solution. It should be free from dust particles, or any other substance that will subsequently affect the bonding of any adhesives. The surface should be totally cleaned and must be dried before proceeding with the succeeding methods. Be cautious in using cleaning solutions. It should not be oil-based so your RV awning repair will not be compromised later on.

Step 2 – Joining the Torn Pieces

Find a surface that is flat where you can efficiently work, ideally a long table. Make yourself comfortable. You will also need a chair where you can sit comfortably to perform your task efficiently. Place your tool kit where you can easily reach for it. But be sure that it will not affect your method of repair. Join the edges of the pieces that were torn together in place.

Step 3 – Using the Tape On the Kit

Place the transparent repair tape on the tear. Press it thoroughly against the awning to clear off bubbles of air. Be cautious not to have to remove and re-stick the tape. Once in place, it should not be touched or displaced in any way. If you have wrongly set the tape on the tear, do not remove it. If you do that, you will need to clean the surface once again to remove the residue of the adhesives on the tape. Practically, you will have to follow step 1.    

Step 4 – Repeating the Methods behind the Damaged Portion    

In the same manner, place a tape behind the rip similar to the placement at the front. You should be careful in the same manner as you did in the previous steps. Make sure that you have the back portion cleaned totally and dried as well before applying the tape or adhesives. Always wipe it dry and clear the installation for air bubbles, so that your transparent tape will stick to the awning efficiently.

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